March 2017

March 18 2017

George Mann


A former union organizer and activist based in New York, George Mann sings songs from the last century of labor and social activism, and his own songs are powerful and funny takes on the state of the nation. His concerts are part sing-along, part history lesson, and he can make you shout for joy, send chills down your spine or bring tears to your eyes in the same set.

George created and produced the “Hail to the Thief!” anti-Bush CD series, which featured such folk legends as Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, and Billy Bragg, and his work with veterans, unions and anti-war groups has kept him on the front lines for more than 20 years. He toured and recordedfor ten years with Julius Margolin, who was 93 when he died in 2009, and in 2008 Georgedirected and produced “A Union Man: The Life and Work of Julius Margolin,” a one-hourdocumentary about Julius and his life as a labor and anti-war activist and singer.

While maintaining a touring and performance schedule of some 200 gigs each year, George has recently turned his eyes toward the nation’s veterans and the effects of two long wars on soldiersand their families. George produced a compilation CD of songs focusing on post-traumatic stress disorder and the cost of war to our military families, “Until You Come Home: Songs for Veterans and Their Kin” and a solo CD, “Songs for Jules and Bruce,” in 2010. He also released “Patience in These Times,” a solo CD, in 2012., and “Portraits” in 2015.

In 2013, George co-produced “The Almanac Trail,” a CD that celebrates the music of The Almanac Singers, and featured Pete Seeger narrating. He toured Australia, California and the Northwest twice in 2015, including 31 shows on the “Joe Hill 100 Roadshow” tours, and is releasing a new CD “For the Road and The Sky” in October and a second compilation of songs about war and its effects on humans, “Until You Come Home: Songs to Heal the Wounds of War,” in November 2016.


 House Concert – Bookings Only

Tickets $15

2.00 – 6.00 p.m.

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March 25 2017

Penny Davies and Roger Ilott


“Penny Davies and Roger Ilott occupy a unique place in Australian music spanning the great divide between Folk and Country.
They have reinvigorated the bush ballad, kept alive the protest song, and have celebrated all that it means to be Australian without a cork hat,
lagerphone or phoney accent on the horizon. “Penny Davies simply has one of the richest voices in Australian folk and country music;
add in the integrity of Roger Ilott’s gentle delivery, and you have the best harmonies you’re likely to hear. “Coupled with Roger Ilott’s
compelling acoustic guitar and Rickenbacker 12 string artistry, it’s little wonder Penny Davies & Roger Ilott,
who already have an Australia wide following for their music, are now finding an audience for their songs around the world.”
John Broomhall, Trad & Now

As always we welcome quality floor spots to add to the concert

 For more information call  Michael at 4342 6716

Troubadour CWA 7pm